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Every family has something special they share. When I have the opportunity to photograph a family, I try to find that something special and commemorate it in the photographs I create. ¬†The smiles, looks, gestures all tell a story unique to each family. While there is always a mix of posed, looking-at-the-camera images, and candid images, I am particularly drawn to the magic captured in the in-between moments that speak the most. And the brilliant smile you see here, is genuine! Anyone who knows Monica knows, this is the smile that welcomes you….its almost a permanent fixture on her face! And I say that with great fondness. ūüôā ¬†It was such a joy photographing this family. Thank you for the honor!

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11 months old and ready to win the world over!

11-month-old crawler, toddler
11-months-old and ready to charm the world!

Its been quiet here at Rekha Photography for a while. ¬†I’ve been visiting family back home, in India, making memories of my own. ¬†And what a trip its been! ¬†Packed with very special memories with some very special people. I got to revisit my hometown, Baroda (Vadodara), after 7 long years. ¬†My heart was brimming with joy at seeing all the places and people who were part of my everyday back¬†then.

In between all the visits and shopping and stuffing myself with old favorite foods, I had the privilege of¬†photographing a very special little guy…. my dear friend’s 11-month-old¬†ball of energy. Meeting my friend after 17 odd years was like the cake, but¬†getting to photograph her with her little boy was like the icing on the cake! ¬†It was such a treat meeting this little fella. When I arrived, he was busy doing business on his ‘throne’, but leaned over to peek¬†through the doorway to flash me the most adorable smile ever. ¬†I was floored! I believe he has a reputation of charming everyone he meets.¬† Not walking yet, but boy, does that stop him from getting places?! ¬†Combined with the hot, humid weather in Baroda, and keeping up with our little guy, I must have ended up looking like I had just stepped out of the sauna! And I enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you for making this reunion¬†happen, M, and thank you for asking me to¬†be your photographer!

Wait… if that didn’t woo you enough, try resisting this smile! ¬†ūüôā

11-month-old crawler, toddler
11 months old and ready to win the world over!

Project 52: Storytelling

Saturday mornings are for snuggling in bed a little longer. With the cold, winter grays,  pouring rain, and black bear to cuddle, there was no way Mr. J was going to be convinced otherwise! I loved this moment when I saw it. There is something simply magical in how silhouettes evoke such lovely stories by distilling the image to its most basic.

This was my {Storytelling} image for Project 52.

storytelling, silhouettes, lazy mornings,
A boy and his bear

Double the LOVE : Newborn Twins, Vancouver, Washington

Emerlee and Clair… I love their names!¬† And such perfect, happy little babies! Good sleepers too …just not at the same time ūüôā And oh, the smiles!! An absolute treat! It’s amazing how they each have their own personality even as newborns. I look forward to watching them grow.

It was very special, being able to capture these tender moments and the beginning of a journey. Erin, you have made such beautiful babies! They are truly twice the joy, twice the love, twice the blessing. I enjoyed every minute of being with them!

These cute little cream diaper covers and hats were made by the oh-so-talented Lisa Powers @ She’s Crafty Crochet ( Thank you Lisa!

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Family Portrait, Portland, Oregon

It was such a pleasure to photograph this lovely family in their own backyard! One couldn’t get any closer to nature…with fruit trees, a stream, deer and even the occasional bobcat making an appearance. This is where they will be building their dream home together, so they wanted to preserve some memories of how it looks now. Both, dentists, with such a passion for what they do…. they get excited about the ‘beauty’ of a root canal or a tooth extraction!¬† Their beautiful boys were a joy to be around.


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