Portland, OR Children’s Photographer

baby crawling,

Sharing some more images from a session photographing my gorgeous friend and her baby in India.  She is part of some of my best memories from college days. Watching my friend being a mommy was…. amusing… and I mean this in the most endearing way possible!  Amusing because, I am fondly reminded of a conversation we had few years ago, when my friend proclaimed, “Who in their sane minds would want to have kids! All you ever end up talking about with friends is about all the trouble kids are,  with falling sick, and being fussy about this that and the other, the sheer exhaustion of being a parent, etc. etc.”  And here she was, being such an adorable mom to her equally adorable, energetic little boy. Mind you, with those sparkling eyes and smile, he could get away with a lot! 😀


I loved to see the way she interacted with her son… there was so much love, patience, respect, and fun! Oh M, you are going to be a wonderful MOM! 🙂