11 months old and ready to win the world over!

11-month-old crawler, toddler
11-months-old and ready to charm the world!

Its been quiet here at Rekha Photography for a while.  I’ve been visiting family back home, in India, making memories of my own.  And what a trip its been!  Packed with very special memories with some very special people. I got to revisit my hometown, Baroda (Vadodara), after 7 long years.  My heart was brimming with joy at seeing all the places and people who were part of my everyday back then.

In between all the visits and shopping and stuffing myself with old favorite foods, I had the privilege of photographing a very special little guy…. my dear friend’s 11-month-old ball of energy. Meeting my friend after 17 odd years was like the cake, but getting to photograph her with her little boy was like the icing on the cake!  It was such a treat meeting this little fella. When I arrived, he was busy doing business on his ‘throne’, but leaned over to peek through the doorway to flash me the most adorable smile ever.  I was floored! I believe he has a reputation of charming everyone he meets.  Not walking yet, but boy, does that stop him from getting places?!  Combined with the hot, humid weather in Baroda, and keeping up with our little guy, I must have ended up looking like I had just stepped out of the sauna! And I enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you for making this reunion happen, M, and thank you for asking me to be your photographer!

Wait… if that didn’t woo you enough, try resisting this smile!  🙂

11-month-old crawler, toddler
11 months old and ready to win the world over!