Project 52: {A Part of Me}


{A Part of Me} is kinda old-fashioned… I am a paper-and-pen kinda girl. When it comes to putting my thoughts and ideas together, somehow, they just seem to flow so much better when I put a pen to paper. Scribbles start to shape into ideas and phrases make connections to convey meaning. I find it to be a more organic process, that conjures an almost unadulterated connection between thought and words.

This theme inspired me to look for new ways to tell a story.  I just discovered creating in-camera multiple exposures…and I think its awesome fun! It takes some careful planning and some experimenting.  But it lends a whole new vocabulary for story-telling!

What do you think?

Project 52, a part of me, multiple exposure, self portrait


3/52 {Light}

Afternoon {Light} with my cup of chai. The way light changes with every passing minute as the sun starts to dip on the horizon, is simply amazing!  I probably should have added a picture of the charred plantain fritters too, that happened while I rushed to catch this light before it disappeared behind my neighbor’s house! 🙂

light, M4H Project 52, afternoon chai,


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