Introducing … The {Fresh} 48 Newborn Sessions!

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I am excited to be offering {Fresh} 48 newborn sessions!  These sessions are perfect for those who  love the idea of capturing those first precious moments, but don’t like the idea of having their labor or birth photographed. The first cuddles, first diaper change, first meeting with siblings or grandparents…unforgettable moments that will pass in the blink of an eye.

  • The {Fresh} 48 is a lifestyle session that takes place during daylight hours, within the first 48 hours of birth. It will include parents, siblings or other close family present. There will be no posing or props.
  • It can take place at the hospital, birth center or at home and will last approximately 60-90 minutes.
  • Included are 20 digital images printable to 8”x 10”, with print release.
  • 1 Facebook timeline cover.
  • You may choose to add on a custom 6”x 6” keepsake album with 10 pages, documenting those first precious moments. You can even include a letter to your newborn baby, telling them about the day they were born.

These sessions are booked in advance so that I am available within the first two days after birth, during daytime hours, as soon as you call! This means I will arrange my schedule 2 weeks prior to and after your due date, to accommodate your session.

If you are pregnant and considering a {Fresh 48} session – BOOK NOW! Please email me :

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Project 52 : “Happy”

Excited to be chosen among the best submissions of the week for the M4H Project 52 for the theme , “Happy”. Here’s my happy …

6/52: “Happy”

…is so much more than a smile. Happy is a place to be, a state of mind. This is my boys’ happy place…reading together at bedtime. Reading is something I’ve done with my boys from the time they were babies. I’m so happy to see them enjoying books and sharing a love for reading!

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Project 52: {A Part of Me}


{A Part of Me} is kinda old-fashioned… I am a paper-and-pen kinda girl. When it comes to putting my thoughts and ideas together, somehow, they just seem to flow so much better when I put a pen to paper. Scribbles start to shape into ideas and phrases make connections to convey meaning. I find it to be a more organic process, that conjures an almost unadulterated connection between thought and words.

This theme inspired me to look for new ways to tell a story.  I just discovered creating in-camera multiple exposures…and I think its awesome fun! It takes some careful planning and some experimenting.  But it lends a whole new vocabulary for story-telling!

What do you think?

Project 52, a part of me, multiple exposure, self portrait


3/52 {Light}

Afternoon {Light} with my cup of chai. The way light changes with every passing minute as the sun starts to dip on the horizon, is simply amazing!  I probably should have added a picture of the charred plantain fritters too, that happened while I rushed to catch this light before it disappeared behind my neighbor’s house! 🙂

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