Inspired by a Reflection

Being that its a spooky time of the year, here are some images I created in my spooky past.  Not really…. I was just letting my creative juices flow, and this is what I came up with.  Even though these images are dark and somewhat eerie, the process of making these images was almost hilarious, and involved some acrobatics in a very tight space (No kidding! My space to work with was about 2 ft x 4 ft!) .   I sure hope none of my neighbors were watching! 🙂 This series began with the first image.. reflections of my feet on a glass door. And then, I was inspired.  The results are here for you to see.


The Arrival
Into the Abyss

Spinal Tap
Spinal Tap
Alter Ego







Photographs are memories for a lifetime…

This past week brought news of quite a few sad events. About people I’ve known for years, and people I’ve only met once.  Connor and Faye, were one such couple.  I had the joy of photographing them at the inaugural party for Bootleg Botanical’s Tasting Room.  You know how some people, when they smile, it reaches their eyes?  Connor had that twinkle in his eyes.  Such a sweet couple.  Tragically, they met with an accident just a couple of weeks after I photographed them, and Connor didn’t survive.  Even though I barely knew them, it feels sad. I am just glad that I took this portrait of them together…one more memory to cherish.   When a loved one passes on, we can never have too many photographs of them.  A photograph is so much more than a 8″x 10″ piece of paper, or a bunch of digital pixels.  It is something precious that allows you to hold those moments in your hands to cherish forever.couple, bff, best friends, in love, DSC_347926